Test prep, whiteboards

My most difficult class to manage is an end-of-the-day block of Algebra 2. I’ve been feeling frustrated by their lack of focus, and amazed that even though the class is quite a bit smaller than the other section of Algebra 2, and comes later (allowing me to be better prepared), it consistently feels less successful. Partially it’s the 2:00 start time; also, there is one posse of junior and senior boys in there who love to chat, have not-that-great basic algebra skills, and are big and loud. I hate having to repeatedly ask/demand/holler for attention, but that’s what I find myself doing.

We’re coming to the end of our first unit, with a test next class. So yesterday I split them into groups, and gave each group a different problem, and a whiteboard to work on and present with. When they were ready, I told them that the questions were very similar to what they would encounter on the upcoming test. The presentations went pretty well, with all groups showing complete solutions, but what I was particularly pleased with was how well they did as an audience. They listened and asked clarifying questions, and stayed attentive for longer than I’ve seen so far this year.

I feel a very small amount of guilt for using the threat of a test as a lever to encourage better listening. But I like that they listened to each other.


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